Having flood coverage allows the property owner to fully protect their property from flood exposures excluded on almost all residential and commercial property forms. Quirk & Company offers primary and excess flood coverage for all your property needs.
Up to $5 million in building and contents coverage over the primary National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) limits.

Business Interruption Coverage is available for Commercial Risks
Flood Coverage
You will need the following to begin:
A completed application

A copy of NFIP Declarations page, when applicable.

An elevation certificate for all Flood Zone A / V properties
Gary Jackson, II
1.800.299.9421 Ext. 133
Direct submissions to:
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Primary Flood:
Excess Flood:
Residential: limits up to $250,000 in dwelling and $100,000 in contents coverage.

Commercial: limits up to $500,000 in dwelling and $500,000 in contents coverage.
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